Are you seeking a career in the Myrtle Beach area?  Smith Sapp is an exceptional place to work.  Our excellence does not stop with our clients - we also care about our team members.  Here are just a few of the many reasons why Myrtle Beach accounting jobs at Smith Sapp are among the best:


Competitive Compensation & Benefits


  • Salaries - Based on and competitive with “large” firms in the Southeast U.S.
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Longevity bonuses
  • Local travel allowance


  • Group Medical Insurance (employee coverage)
  • Paid life insurance
  • Paid long-term disability insurance
  • Paid CPA exam assistance / completion bonus
  • Paid continuing professional education (CPE)
  • Paid professional memberships
  • Paid professional licenses
  • Paid vacation, sick, and holiday time off, option for additional PTO
  • 401(K) plan with firm contribution/match
  • Cafeteria plan options including family group medical insurance, medical reimbursement account, dependent day care, dental and other supplemental insurances.
  • Tuition assistance plan
  • Adoption assistance program
  • Wellness assistance program
  • Health savings accounts

Office Environment

  • Communication - While we believe in continuous feedback and mentoring, you will receive performance / compensation reviews at least annually.
  • Training - Multilevel extensive training and education program designed specifically for each employee that continues throughout your career and advancement.
  • Recurring staff luncheons and firm outings
  • Flex time / Work/life balance
  • Minimal travel requirements


  • Accounting Today - Best Accounting Firms to Work For (2014, 2015)
  • Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption - Top 10 by Size - Small Business (2014, 2017)

Employee Feedback

Why is our firm a place where people would want to work?  Please see the following employee comments:

“You can tell they really care about all of the employees and are pleasant to work with.”              

“Good compensation and benefits, Christmas bonus, Fridays off, casual dress on Thursdays, lunches, flexible scheduling”

“I understand the nature of the business and deadlines and willing to meet those deadline. I also enjoy the flexible hours after the tax deadline have been met. They also give flexible schedules for outside appointments.”

“It treats employees fairly.”

“Offers an attractive benefits package; gives us the freedom to prioritize our own work schedules as we see fit without hovering over us; treats us/speaks to us with respect and kindness; gives us a decent working environment and keeps equipment up to date.”

“Open communications and VPs have personality and personal interactions with staff.”

“The office relationships and the encouragement of a fulfilled personal life.”  

“The organization offers a very good work/life balance.”

“The owners of this Firm are always willing to listen and care about your issues with your job and as well with issues outside this office. They understand that the employees need and want a balanced home life/work life. This Firm is always willing to help in any way possible. Alot is expected of an employee at deadline times, but the flexibility outside those deadlines, make it all worth while.”  

“They care about their employees. They want you to balance work life and home life.” 

“They treat us like family and we do lots of fun luncheons and get togethers outside of work.” 

“Acknowledges everyone as an individual. Very flexible with work schedules.        They do truly care about employees.”

“This organization is a place people would want to work because of the work schedule flexibility outside of tax season, as well as the atmosphere of open communication with superiors."


When given the choice of where to go on their vacations, millions of people a year decide to come to Myrtle Beach.   So obviously, Myrtle Beach is fun - but what is it like to live here?   

Maybe these recent statistics from will help:

WEATHER - The Myrtle Beach area enjoys a mild annual average temperature of 74º F with an average of 215 sunny days each year.

DINING - There are approximately 1,700 full-service restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area and it’s no surprise that seafood is one of the primary cuisines. Murrells Inlet is nicknamed “the seafood capital of South Carolina” and Calabash-style restaurants are popular in the Northern Strand as well as Carolina Coastal Cuisine. Visitors will also find a range of other cuisines to satisfy their appetites including steak, ribs, barbecue, home-style cooking, international fare and regional specialties.

GOLF - The Myrtle Beach area boasts more than 100 championship golf courses and 30 miniature golf courses, making it a premiere destination for golf enthusiasts and aficionados. There are approximately 3.4 million rounds of golf played annually in the Myrtle Beach area.

ATTRACTIONS - The beach is certainly the Myrtle Beach area’s No.1 attraction, but the fun does not end with surf and sand. The Grand Strand offers a wide range of unique attractions and exciting entertainment options from shopping, dining, water sports and theme parks, to live entertainment theaters, nightclubs and celebrity concerts. The Myrtle Beach area boasts more than eight live theatres with a total of over 11,577 seats.

RETAIL - The Grand Strand shopping complexes are destinations within themselves, including more than 300 outlet stores. Visitors can stroll along boardwalk promenades on warm evenings, venture in and out of hundreds of unique specialty stores, and dine in exceptional restaurants along the way.