Firm History

A Myrtle Beach Accounting Firm History That Runs Deep

When C. Foster Smith established our Myrtle Beach CPA firm in 1948, the surrounding Grand Strand area was a small and regional vacation spot that attracted a few thousand visitors from the Carolinas each summer.  Today, the Grand Strand has grown into one of the most popular beach-side resorts in America, attracting more than twelve million visitors a year as well as becoming one of the premier retirement destinations on the east coast due to our moderate climate and friendly people.  Our Myrtle Beach accounting firm has been here since the beginning!

Now in its seventh decade of service, Smith Sapp remains the area’s leading Myrtle Beach CPA firm, serving clients up and down the Grand Stand and throughout the Carolinas.  A staff of approximately forty individuals in three offices allows our Myrtle Beach CPA firm to continually provide quality accounting services in today’s increasingly complex economic environment.