Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming A Client

Are you accepting new business clients?

Yes - Smith Sapp CPAs is always anxious to start new relationships and provide beneficial services to businesses and related individuals!  Please call (843-448-8334) or email ( us with your business name, your name, contact info, and additional information about the business service needed.  Someone from our management team will be in touch very soon!

I just became a tax client – now what?

While each client is unique, our CPAs typically request that new clients provide 3 things: 1) Answers to our Tax Organizer Questionnaire, 2) Copies of the Most Recently Prepared Tax Return, 3) Relevant Tax Documents for the Current Preparation Year.   Your CPA will communicate any additional information required in your situation.  

I am starting a business in Horry County and have been told I need a “good accountant.” Why spend the money on a CPA in addition to my other startup costs?

As Abraham Lincoln once said - "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."  Smith Sapp has helped literally hundreds of clients in Horry and Georgetown Counties build successful foundations for local business operations.  With our business consulting experience, we can provide you with cost saving and tax strategies “up front” that will provide benefits for you and for your business for many years to come.  Proper tax and financial consulting is invaluable to the small business owner – and we know business in Horry and Georgetown counties.  For example, one hour of custom QuickBooks consulting can certainly help structure your books correctly, saving you hours of time down the road!


How much do you charge?

Our pricing is based on the service rendered; similar to other professional service firms, our fees are typically charged per hour.  We do provide free estimates for tax preparation & RFP’s for audits.   

Do you offer any free consultations or discounts?

For qualified business owners, we offer a free initial consultation.    Our clients vary significantly in their needs - some clients provide us with organized records and bookkeeping which makes our preparation less time-consuming and provides client cost-savings; other clients simply want us to “do it all” which requires extra preparation time and higher fees.  We can certainly support both approaches – in fact, Horry County business owners that have our CPA firm provide a turnkey solution can oftentimes save in personnel costs at their business.  

Do you offer pro bono reductions for nonprofit entities?

We do offer pro bono discounts; however, pro bono engagements are approved on a per engagement basis.  

Services Offered

I just moved here from New Jersey. Do you prepare and file tax returns out of state?

Absolutely!  Many of our clients file out of state returns.  Our tax preparation software assists us in preparing returns from all US states.    Additionally, the vast majority of tax returns can be e-filed, which will save everyone time/money and expedite the process.  

My prior accountant made a mistake. Do you prepare amended returns?

While we understand human error can happen, Smith Sapp CPAs can be trusted to prepare and correct returns when errors are made.  On multiple occasions, we have filed amended returns for several years that saved our clients thousands of dollars.  

My church needs an audit but I heard they are expensive. What can we do to keep the keep the cost down?

Over the years, audits have become highly regulated, requiring our company to document in depth checklists and disclosures.   Proper client bookkeeping can certainly help minimize costs, but audits are time consuming.   While a few organizations require audits, many organizations have the flexibility to obtain a more cost-effective investigation, such as a Compilation, a Review, or an Agreed Upon Procedures engagement.  

Why Choose Smith Sapp?

There are many CPA and Tax Preparation Service Firms in our area.  Our firm has been serving the area since 1948, and we believe our longevity confirms our culture of excellence.  You will be assisted by professionals who strive to provide excellent service and seek to exceed your expectations.   Learn more