Working For One Of The Best Accounting Firms

As you may know, Smith Sapp CPAs has, on multiple occasions, been named as one of Accounting Today’s Best Accounting Firms to Work for.

So what is it like – working for “one of the best” accounting firms in the nation?  How does a company create an exceptional corporate culture?  While our website lists some comments made by various team members, here are some thoughts as to how Smith Sapp has become one of the best accounting firms to work for:

  • Respect – It is common for an accounting firm to say “we offer flex-time” or “we have a proper work/life balance.” Many of our competitors say this on their website or in an interview, but then proceed to work their team members unmercifully.  At Smith Sapp, we have an environment where personal life is actually  respected. While employees are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism to complete the job, the firm’s owners do “partner” with employees if employees have a need or important personal item that arises 9 to 5.  These items may or may not be emergencies.  From daycare issues to family crises, our firm is flexible and respects its employees.
  • Recognition – Smith Sapp provides its team members much more recognition than an HR-style annual review. The firm is constantly providing various ways to show the staff members their appreciation.  In addition to verbal “good job” or “thank you”s, the firm offers many perks throughout the year that build a culture of appreciation and comradery.  During tax season, staff are provided with extra meals, snacks, and other creative benefits.  Upon tax season completion, there is a breakfast celebration, card, and gift to show gratitude.  At Christmas, employees are given a bonus check with a card and verbal affirmation.  There are also other recurring luncheons or meetings throughout the year where staff are recognized.  The firm also has a monthly newsletter with various notable achievements by staff.
  • Responsiveness – One of the most refreshing things about working at Smith Sapp is the responsiveness to equip its team members as needed. If a tool is needed for a job, it is often purchased quickly.  Technology is upgraded on a regular basis so that team members have access to efficient and effective tools.  Additionally, the firm has an open door policy where management is accessible and responsive.  As an example, a group of team members wanted to start working out together on-site.  Upon hearing about the group’s desire, the firm converted an office to a workout room for DVD-based workout programs and purchased materials on their behalf.  This is in addition to a generous wellness reimbursement program.

In today’s world, it is not easy to build a great corporate culture.  Yet, Smith Sapp has done a great job in cultivating a family-like atmosphere while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  I hope our experiences are helpful at your place of business!