Top 5 Tips To Getting An Accounting Job Interview

Finding an accounting job in Myrtle Beach can be challenging.  Myrtle Beach is frequented by millions of visitors annually, most of which vacation between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  To accommodate the annual volume of visitors, many local employers must utilize seasonal employees instead of year-round, full-time staff.

For those qualified applicants seeking full-time employment in the accounting profession, here are some tips to gaining a job interview for a future career at Smith Sapp CPAs:

  1. Strengths – It is important to know your personal strengths, and how those strengths can help our company. Subsequently, those strengths should be clearly highlighted, not just in interviews, but in pre-interview materials such as resumes, cover letters, etc.  For example, if a new graduate has a Masters degree in Accounting and a Bachelors degree in Journalism, the graduate could explain how his/her writing skills would assist with client communication, marketing, and website design.
  2. Sales – Obtaining a job can often be like a successful sales pitch. To prepare for the pitch, it is important to have your materials organized, professional, and thorough.  At our company, applicants may be required to submit a combination of the following: resume, cover letter, references, letters of recommendation, and unofficial transcripts with redaction of sensitive information.  It serves well to establish a professional portfolio for all or most of these items as applicable.  Applicants should also determine their career goals and communicate them in their portfolio and future interview opportunities.
  3. Background – Integrity matters. On written and verbal communication, applicants must provide background information accurately.  If applicants are not honest on their application materials, how can they be trusted with client information?  Ensure your personal details are not false, misleading, or deceiving.
  4. Connection – Networking can help you obtain an interview at Smith Sapp. The Grand Strand is a terrific place to live, and our staff members are active in local interests.  One recommendation for connecting with local CPAs is through the Grand Strand Chapter of the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants.
  5. Communication – First impressions can be important, so your means of communicating with the firm should be professional, kind, and organized.  Additionally, while an occasional follow-up is acceptable, it is important not to aggressively contact the firm over your application submission.  For example, after emailing your application materials, it would be acceptable to follow-up with a single phone call or email two weeks later if no response was received.  However, calling and emailing all partners on multiple occasions if no response was received would be unprofessional.

I hope these tips have been helpful!  Whether you become gainfully employed at our reputable CPA firm or another employer, I wish you continued success in your future endeavors!